In the last month of 2020 – actually within a 9 day window – there were several acquisitions impacting LMS companies that are worth watching as the market reacts to and changes during the Covid pandemic. Let’s look at each of these chronologically.

Dec 8: Open LMS and eThink (and eCreators)

Open LMS has an interesting history in its provision of cloud-hosted Moodle-based LMS services. The company was formed as Moodlerooms in 2005, and it quickly became the largest Moodle Partner worldwide. In 2012 Blackboard acquired Moodlerooms, offering it mostly outside of North America as a parallel product offering with the Learn LMS, operating as its own group within the larger company. From mid 2014 – 2015, Blackboard acquired three Moodle-based companies – Remote-Learner UK (Moodle Partner in the UK), X-Ray Analytics (learning analytics for Moodle), and Nivel Siete (Moodle Partner in Colombia). In 2018, Blackboard and Moodle ended their contract that enabled marketing usage of the Moodle name as well as the Certified Moodle Partner program, leading to a name change to Open LMS. In early 2020 (remember those naive, carefree days?), Blackboard sold Open LMS to Learning Technologies Group (LTG) out of the UK.


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