We are a craft-oriented educational technology consulting practice, founded by Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill and now run by Phil, consisting of experts who have both broad educational and industry perspective and experience getting the work done. 

We follow several basic principles in our approach to our work.


Whether your organization is a school, an education company, an educational policy maker, or an investor in education companies, you come to the table with an enduring vision of the value that your organization provides. You have a mission. But maybe you’re not sure how the increasing number of free online courses changes the value of what you provide. Or maybe you’re worried about new competitors or cost pressures. We start by focusing on first principles and identifying the key, mission-related strengths your organization already has that can continue to serve as the foundation for its future.

Strategic but Practical

Some consulting shops primarily provide high-level strategic advice while others are mainly operations-oriented. We think it is important to combine both elements in our practice. While our clients usually come to us for advice about what they should be doing, we aren’t satisfied until we are able to see them achieve their goals. For that reason, we often provide coaching, process consulting, or even operational support as part of our engagements.


Prospective clients who know us from blogging often ask us, “What does MindWires do?” Our answer is, “What do you need?” This isn’t just sales talk. We enjoy solving problems that we haven’t seen before. We don’t just follow a cookie-cutter recipe book for engagements. Instead, we apply the experience we have to each client’s unique situation. We also maintain a broad network of consulting specialists and partners so that we can bring in the right people for each job.


We work with educators, vendors, and policy-makers alike. These different stakeholders are often interested in the same educational issues from complementary angles. By working with clients across the spectrum of stakeholders, we gain the benefit of a wide range of perspectives on any given issue. We try to bring those different perspectives to every conversation we have with our clients.

Open and Honest

We’re proud of the fact that much of our work comes from people who know us from PhilOnEdTech and elsewhere on the open web. We strive to make the company reflect the values of the blog rather than the other way around.