You can find the LMS Monthly Report for August 2019 here.

The August numbers not only show a continuation of the market slowdown, they also seem to indicate lower levels of activity than what we saw in the fall and spring. Keep in mind that implementation dates where we know the year but not the month are allocated to June 1, meaning that we tend to see step functions in the data during that month. By looking at the T12M by implementation date over time, after this summer (three months) we seem to have a further reduction in activity.

If we look at First Seen data, the T12M data for August (120 total) is lower than from May 2019 (146), February 2019 (200), or November 2018 (180).

We have another item of note – there are more First Seen entries in dataset for D2L Brightspace (9) than for Canvas (3), which is the first time any system has more new entries than Canvas. Some of the significant wins for D2L recently include Purdue University (some of this was entered in dataset in previous months), the Community College system of Maine (the majority of the August First Seen data for them), and the University System of Maine (data entered in September). While it is too early to say if this is just a really good summer for D2L or a change in relative win rates between them and Instructure, these are data worth noting.

Taken together, we realize that Instructure is not reporting market slowdown-based numbers as dramatic as what we are seeing, and we acknowledge that Instructure may have something up their sleeve that we have yet to detect. However, I do think it is safe to say that our data through the summer does not indicate a reversal of the market slowdown. Activity remains low and may be slowing further, at least over the past three months.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.



The MindWires Team