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ACUE Webinar

ACUE Webinar – Effective Online Instruction April 2, 6, 9, 14, 17 & 20, 2020 Kevin Kelly – Author of Advancing Online Teaching: Creating Equity-Based Digital Learning Environments. Higher education has made an astonishing national transition to online learning. Traditional classrooms may be closed across campuses, but class is still in session, as faculty have gone […]

World Bank Webinar

World Bank Webinar April 1, 2020 Phil Hill – Panel on The Great Pivot Online or Crisis Pedagogy? How to Support Higher Education’s Response to COVID-19. The closure of college campuses is leading our client countries to scramble for virtual solutions. Some commentators are seeing this as a watershed moment for higher education across the […]

Cal Poly Pomona PolyTeach

Cal Poly Pomona PolyTeach March 6, 2020 Kevin Kelly – Designing Flipped Courses for Learning Equity PolyTeach is an annual Cal Poly Pomona conference which provides an opportunity for campus conversations about technology, particularly highlighting the creative ways that faculty use technology to support student learning.

Lilly Conference on Teaching & Learning

Lilly Conference on Teaching & Learning February 27, 2020 Kevin Kelly – Fostering Equity, Connectedness and Inclusion in Your Courses With Universal Design for Learning and Design for Learning Equity. It’s easy to fall into the “one size fits all” trap when we build courses and course activities. It’s challenging to design and facilitate course […]

Florida Virtual Campus

Florida Virtual Campus February 19, 2020 Phil Hill – Online Learning: Where did we come from, where are we going? As online and hybrid education enters its third decade, there are significant efforts to move beyond the virtualization of traditional face-to-face classroom and to also move beyond earlier business models.