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ICBA 2020 Conference

ICBA 2020 Conference February 5, 2020 Phil Hill How Did Digital Education Become a Thing? Gradually, then Suddenly The first e-book was shared over the Internet (or its predecessor ARPAnet) five decades ago, and web-based online learning started approximately 25 years ago. There has been a continuum of changes taking advantage of digital platforms and […]

DETCHE Conference

DETCHE Conference December 3, 2019 Kevin KellyIncreasing Equity for Online Learners: Course and Campus Level Strategies First, the good news: Overall retention and success rates for online learners have almost reached parity with those for on-ground learners. However, there’s still work to do: Large, equity-based achievement gaps still exist for a number of student sub-populations, […]

POD Network Annual Conference

POD Network Annual Conference November 16, 2019 Kevin Kelly The POD Network envisions that all post-secondary institutions value, support, and reward the work of their educators, scholars, and leaders, with an emphasis on teaching as a core scholarly activity, informed by research and reflection, and resulting in success for all students.

WCET Webinar

WCET Webinar September 26, 2019 Phil Hill – Video Included BelowNavigating the OPM Marketplace: Picking the Right Partners While Avoiding Market Chaos Online Program Management (OPM) companies have been around for two decades, helping colleges and universities create scalable online programs, in a growing and important market. The OPM market is a chaotic one, however, […]

Online Teaching Conference

Online Teaching Conference June 17, 2019 Kevin Kelly – Video Included BelowOnline Student Community: What do students need from us? The effective practice of encouraging community in our online classes has been with us a long time.  However, the imminent addition of a requirement for student-to-student interaction to our DE regulations should cause us to […]