Educational Technology

Blackboard had a lot of news to share two weeks ago when we spoke with CEO Bill Ballhaus and senior teaching and learning executives. The updates addressed efforts to streamline the business, customer retention, and customer acquisition. Blackboard ((Disclosure: Blackboard is a subscriber to our LMS Market Analysis service.)) was upbeat about their current position and prospects going forward, but we see a mixed picture.

Ballhaus said that Blackboard’s efforts to simplify the business were paying off and leading to greater focus on their core teaching and learning businesses. While the company was built as an enterprise software amalgamation based on 20+ corporate acquisitions, Ballhaus described how management is looking forward to becoming a Software as a Service (SaaS) business with a simpler focus. While the executives declined to comment on current M&A activity, Blackboard appears to be trying to sell its CashNet and Transact products that are part of the same business line focused on campus ID and payment processing, for up to $800 million and $720 million respectively ((Although it is possible that both of these reports are referring to the same combined transaction – CashNet and Transact together. This explanation makes more sense to me.)). Remembering that Blackboard reportedly tried but failed to sell the entire company for ~$3 billion in 2015, there is no guarantee that they will actually sell either unit or get the desired prices. [Update 3/7: Blackboard did end up selling entire Transact business unit , including CashNet, to PE firm Reverence Capital for a reported $720m.] But if they do succeed, the profits from either sale will help the company pay down and manage its debt. And it will back up the claims of focusing the company on core teaching and learning business.


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