Cal Poly Pomona PolyTeach

March 6, 2020

Kevin Kelly –
Designing Flipped Courses for Learning Equity

PolyTeach is an annual Cal Poly Pomona conference which provides an opportunity for campus conversations about technology, particularly highlighting the creative ways that faculty use technology to support student learning.

Kevin Kelly supports educational institutions in their efforts to adopt technology, enhance distance education, and improve program development and evaluation, with an emphasis on universal design, equity, and inclusion. He is the former Executive Director of Teaching & Learning for the Association of College & University Educators (ACUE), Director of Wiley Learning Institute, and Manager of Academic Technology at SF State. Dr. Kelly completed his Ed.D. in Leadership Studies at the University of San Francisco and is a prolific speaker and author. Kevin will address considerations to ensure that flipping is an inclusive pedagogy rather than a strategy that perpetuates imbalances.

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