June 2017 – A View of State-wide Systems

On to our second year and a big sigh of relief getting the two reports out the door. To keep a running list:

  • Spring 2016 market report (primarily US / Canada)
  • Fall 2016 European market report
  • Fall 2016 market report (US / Canada, Europe)
  • Spring 2017 historical perspectives report
  • 2017 market report (US / Canada, Europe, Latin America, Oceania)

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State of the State Systems

In our Spring 2017 market report, we noted that “there have been multiple consortium or state-wide decisions that are dominating the data changes over the past year and will continue through 2017”. We shared examples from California, several for-profit systems, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and upcoming selections in Wisconsin and Colorado.

With this focus on multi-institution selections in mind, our partners at LISTedTECH have been itching to create a graphic inspired by one from 2011 when Phil was at Delta Initiative.

The idea is to allow a view into several state-wide systems to see the LMS(s) used, hosting models, student information systems (SIS) used, and basic system information. What we (they, really, but we have the power of the pen) came up with is this view, using the University of Wisconsin System.

A few caveats or explanations are in order:

  • The total number of LMS instances may be larger than the number of institutions due to campuses in transition, having both old and new LMS available. In this case, UW Madison is switching from D2L Brightspace to Canvas as the primary LMS.
  • We do not claim to have every state-wide system covered, but this is our first pass to get feedback and share the view.
  • We are considering doing a similar treatment for the national system procurements currently going on in Europe.

The data is available online, where you can select any of the systems listed by the radio buttons. Here is a version for the State University of New York (SUNY).

And if you combine all of these state-wide systems (not a comprehensive analysis but worth viewing), it becomes clear how well D2L Brightspace has done in this segment of the market, with big increases from Canvas.

If you want to explore the live data and see different systems:

We plan to roll out options for additional interactive features to slice and dice data online. Let us know if you find this view and capability interesting.

Until Next Time

We hope that you found this news roundup useful. We’re always open to feedback, which you can send to eLitLMS@mindwires.com.


Phil & Michael