Empirical Educator Project


The Empirical Educator Project (EEP) is an effort to promote broader adoption of evidence-based teaching practices and foster a culture of empirical education across higher education. We do this by highlighting successful projects already underway that can be adopted, adapted, and tested by others. In particular, we promote cross-fertilization and collaborative projects between groups and networks that don’t often work well together, such as between researchers and practitioners, universities and vendors, and peer networks such as R1s and community colleges.

EEP is currently in a one-year pilot to test our theory of change, sponsored by companies that are interested in promoting empirical education and that could provide stakeholders we personally trust to bring the appropriate spirit of participation to the project.

We gathered about 50 people from various colleges, universities, and sponsors for a two-day summit at Stanford. The group provided us with peer review of our concepts and test whether we could foster collaboration between groups that don’t typically work together on projects that promote empirical education.