This is a guest post by Phil Hill.  Phil Hill is executive vice president of Delta Initiative and has been consulting in educational technology for over 8 years, with a strong focus on the LMS market.  He is also the founder of HBO Systems, which merged operations with Delta Initiative in 2008.  Phil is known to many in the educational technology community for some info graphics that help people see the broader trends and issues with the technology markets.  You can follow Phil on Twitter at @PhilOnEdTech or on his main blog at

I have argued in previous blog posts on the Blackboard acquisition that their position of being a safe bet is now gone, they are picking up only a handful of new LMS clients, while they are losing hundreds of LMS clients per year.  The theme behind these observations is that Blackboard’s future prospects “are having and will have a major impact on the overall LMS and educational technology market, affecting educational customers as well as technology vendors and their investors.  If you misread Blackboard’s strategic direction, you might misread the upcoming changes in the educational technology market.”


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