Data for Report’s Graphics

With the release of our mid-year LMS report at the end of July, we have now uploaded the aggregate data points for most of the graphics in spreadsheet format (excluding figures 1, 2, and 6). You can find the spreadsheet here or in the Memberful download area.

Investment Analyst Notes on Market Trends

There has been a lot of investor activity in the EdTech space, including the LMS markets, over the past two years, especially with the pandemic-related increase in spending for remote teaching. One of the benefits of this activity is that we now have two publicly-traded companies in PowerSchool (Schoology) and Instructure (Canvas) that went public in August, and part of public is that investment analysts can see more data and company roadmaps. Brian Peterson and his team at Raymond James have initiated coverage of both companies, and there are two sections that are worth calling out, not for stock price estimates but for market trends.


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