ICBA 2020 Conference

February 5, 2020

Phil Hill
How Did Digital Education Become a Thing? Gradually, then Suddenly

The first e-book was shared over the Internet (or its predecessor ARPAnet) five decades ago, and web-based online learning started approximately 25 years ago. There has been a continuum of changes taking advantage of digital platforms and content, including long-term developments by textbook publishers themselves.

In one view, the change towards digital course materials is nothing new and is an extension of the past. A complementary view, however, is that digital education in general is entering its next generation, and we are in the midst of an inflection point in higher education – a period of transformative change. Entire business models for the multi-billion dollar publishing and course materials industry are being up-ended, with changes or threats to distribution channels and even how students pay for content. The changes over the past three years are significant and chaotic. This talk will explore the broad trends driven by digital learning and the substantial changes on the course materials market.

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