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Instructure is now a decade old as a company and faces a crucial test this year with recent changes to their executive management team and the need to scale both Canvas (academic LMS) and Bridge (corporate learning LMS). The long-time head of sales, Marc Maloy, and head of marketing, Misty Frost, left Instructure in the fall. The company eventually hired a new head of marketing, Bjorn Eriksson from the world of corporate HR, in January. After a months-long search, Instructure did not directly replace Marc with a new head of sales, but instead they hired a new president, Dan Goldsmith, who also has sales leaders reporting directly to him. With this move, Mitch Macfarlane, the long-time chief operating officer and former head of client services, will be leaving the company this summer. ((Disclosure: Instructure and D2L are subscribers to our LMS market analysis service and were sponsors at our recent Empirical Educator Project summit.))

We’ve written about previous executive changes for Instructure – when their two founders left the company and when their CTO departed after just one year – but in each case the company managed the transitions and came out stronger in the end. As we have shared in our LMS Market Analysis service and on e-Literate, the Canvas track record is remarkable in terms of not losing customers and gaining new customers from most other LMS providers.


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