Dear Premium Subscribers,
You can find the LMS monthly reports for July here.

Please note two items:
As before we have two additional tabs for T3M and T6M to capture data both with and without this June 1 data where we put implementations without known dates (the latter labeled TXM wo NA dates).
The anonymized list has been fairly low for the months of May and June, but it is moving back up for July. We still believe this is natural seasonality of when decisions are made and announced.
As a bonus, we are starting to share twice-annual snapshots of the LMS data – and not just new decisions and new implementations – for our premium subscribers. You can find this snapshot from the same timeframe as the Spring 2018 Report (late May) as the second file in the download linked above. We would love your feedback on this new data – if it is useful, how we can improve for the Fall snapshot later in the year.

As always, reach out if any questions come up when you’re looking at this month’s report.



The e-Literate Team