You can find the LMS Monthly Report for June 2019 here.

As we’ve mentioned previously, if market activity is going to change, the most likely point for the data to show changes would be June – August. The numbers for June in today’s report are low and could suggest a further slowdown in the LMS market, particularly in North America. We plan to send out a deeper analysis of the most recent data in the next week or two.

With this June report, we’d also like to provide a refresher on what is meant by the tabs labeled ‘T3M wo NA dates’ and ‘T6M wo NA dates’. For every new implementation we assign a month and year. Throughout the year, however, we discover new implementations for which it is difficult to determine the actual month of implementation. For those we assign a June date. This creates inflated numbers for June, and we deal with that by creating ‘T3M wo NA dates’ and ‘T6M wo NA dates’ tabs that filter out implementations that were assigned to June because we don’t know the specific month of implementation. You’ll be seeing the T3M wo NA dates’ from June-August and the ‘T6M wo NA dates’ from June-November.

If anyone plans to attend InstructureCon (Phil is there now), BbWorld, D2L Fusion, or Schoology NEXT and would like to meet up in person, please contact Jeanette Wiseman to coordinate.

As always, reach out if any questions come up when you’re looking at this month’s report.



The MindWires Team