We are finalizing our mid-year LMS Market Analysis report, and with some interesting timing, I was interviewed by CNN as a follow-up to this article from the fall. I do not know how much of the new information will end up in CNN’s article (scheduled to be published Sunday, July 17th), but I did want to share the data with subscribers ahead of time.

  • The chart below shows North American (US and Canada) K-12 LMS market share by number of districts adopting and by scaling those districts by total enrollment. As a reminder, our method scales each school district by the number of students in that district. So when LMS X wins District A that has 15,000 students, we see a gain of 1 district and 15,000 students.
  • What this doesn’t take into account is deeper adoption per district. For example, district B (143 schools, 95,000 students) chose LMS Y in 2017. But with the pandemic, more of those schools fully adopted LMS Y, and they won new students just from deeper adoption. We do not have access to that data, but I believe it is significant in terms of increased number of registered and active students, particularly with the changes from the pandemic.
  • Note that PowerSchool acquired Schoology last year but kept the brand. PowerSchool Learning, which came from the earlier Haiku acquisition, is listed as just “PowerSchool”. We’ll clean up the labels for the report.

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