Information on LMS Subscription Service

The MindWires Big Picture subscription services are designed to help you track the changing landscape in important educational technology topics and make sure that the decisions you make today will still make sense tomorrow.

The first of these is The MindWires Big Picture: LMS. The subscription has these components:

  • An annual “big-picture” market dynamics report: Early each year we will provide in-depth analysis on how the LMS market has changed in the past 12 months and how it might change in the next 12 months. It includes both our analysis based on our work with schools and vendors as well as hard data from our partners at LISTedTECH on adoptions, RFPs, and other signs that the market is moving. This report is available within one day of subscription activation.
  • Six-month update: Every summer, we will release an update that re-examines the data to see how the potential trends we identified in the annual report are playing out. That way, you will have up-to-date analysis for your decision-making process no matter when it starts.
  • Monthly updates: At least once a month, we’ll give you an update such as a newsletter or webinar on the latest developments in the LMS world.

Starting in the fall of 2016, we will be releasing add-on reports and services for the MindWires Big Picture: LMS subscription that are specifically designed to facilitate college and university decision-making processes to produce the best decisions for—and with—their campus communities.

Purchasing Information

All subscriptions allow for sharing with an unlimited number of users within an organization. Please note that the purchase options linked below will take you to a secure order form.

The price for a one-year subscription is as follows:

For discounted multi-year subscriptions, please contact us at

Payment Methods

We will accept either a credit card or PayPal for all purchases.

Update: Based on multiple requests, we now accept purchase orders with checks as an additional option, but please note there is  $200 additional charge for this method. To trigger an invoice for purchase order, please contact us at

*If a campus participant on a system or consortium selection committee needs to share the reports and updates throughout their institution and outside of the purview of the system or consortium committee, that campus would require a separate license.