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January 2019 LMS Market Dynamics (PDF)
e-Literate shifts to publishing market dynamics reports in January and July to take advantage of full-year and half-year data.

Spring 2018 LMS Market Dynamics (PDF)
e-Literate continues its coverage of the global LMS market with the publication of the third annual Spring LMS Market Dynamics report.

Spring 2018 Latin America LMS Market Dynamics (PDF)
e-Literate releases its first special report focused on the postsecondary LMS market in Latin America.

Fall 2017 LMS Market Dynamics (PDF)
The Fall 2017 LMS Market Dynamics report provides updates on market movements since the release of the Spring report and looks more closely at trends we identified earlier in the year. It also includes new and expanded data for Europe, Latin America and Oceania.

Spring 2017 LMS Market Dynamics (PDF)
e-Literate expands its LMS coverage beyond North America and Europe to include Oceania and Latin America.

Spring 2017 LMS Market Historical Perpective (PDF)
e-Literate provides a big-picture overview of the historical adoption patterns and trends that have defined the market to date and frames questions about possible changes in market dynamics going forward. This standalone report will be valuable for anyone wanting to get up to speed on the how the LMS market got to its current state.

Fall 2016 LMS Market Dynamics (PDF)
e-Literate identifies and reflects on changes and new trends in the LMS market since the release of the Spring 2016 inaugural report.

Fall 2016 European LMS Market Dynamics (PDF)
e-Literate takes a closer look at the European LMS market, identifying regional trends and laying the foundation for a better understanding of the global LMS market

Fall 2016 European LMS Market Report Pre-Release (PDF)
e-Literate expands its market coverage to include Europe in recognition of the increasingly global nature of the LMS market.

Spring 2016 LMS Market Dynamics (PDF)
e-Literate launches its LMS Market Analysis subscription service with this inaugural report on LMS market trends in the United States and Canada.