There have been a number of LMS and Learning Platform announcements over the past month or two that will help shape the market over the next year or more. One trend I’ve described is the transition from an LMS market to a Learning Platform market, which includes a broader scope of products. Below are some of the notable announcements. I expect that Michael and I will write separate posts in more detail on several of these updates.

  • LMS CEO panel discussion at Learning Impact
  • Instructure, maker of Canvas LMS, raises $30M
  • Desire2Learn announces Student Success System as predictive analytics with new release
  • Sakai OAE recovers from loss of partners, rebrands as Apereo OAE
  • Coursera shifts strategy in partnering with schools, now overlaps with LMS market
  • edX finishes releasing platform code as open source
  • LMS conference season approaching

LMS CEO panel discussion at Learning Impact


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