You can find the LMS Monthly Report for May 2019 here.

Please note that due to recent changes in our business (separating MindWires with Phil and e-Literate with Michael, with Phil’s new blog at, the monthly newsletters have a slightly different look. 

The most recent data show very low activity allocated to May (continuing the market slowdown); however, we already have some large wins allocated to June. We believe that if the market slowdown is going to reverse course and increase overall activity, June through August will be the key months to watch. Along with many schools making their LMS decisions public that arose during the Spring 2019 academic term, we also have the major LMS conferences in July and the ability to talk to many institutions at the same time.

If anyone plans to attend InstructureCon, BbWorld, D2L Fusion, or Schoology NEXT and would like to meet up in person, please contact Jeanette Wisemanto coordinate.

As always, reach out if any questions come up when you’re looking at this month’s report.



The MindWires Team