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April 2020 LMS Market Update – Global summary, COVID importance, OpenLMS interview

Dear LMS Market Analysis Subscribers, Well, this has been quite a month since our last update. In this newsletter I share an updated market share summary across five global regions, share additional thoughts about the rising importance of the LMS during the COVID transition, and share notes from my interview with OpenLMS leadership.  LMS Market […]

March 2020 Monthly LMS Market Report

You can find the LMS Monthly Report for March 2020 here. Of course, in the past month the entire market has changed. Instructure’s acquisition by Thoma Bravo is complete, and COVID-19 has frozen the LMS market, yet will likely make the LMS market even more important in the medium to long-term. At the same time, the huge increases in […]

March 2020 LMS Market Update – Vendor Updates, Virtual Delivery Data, and Thoughts on Market

Dear LMS Market Analysis Subscribers, Globally we are in a period of momentous changes for society at large and for the EdTech market. For this month I wanted to share updates on LMS vendor ownership and management, some useful Covid-19 data for US institutions moving to virtual delivery, and some thoughts on the future of […]

February 2020 Monthly LMS Market Report

You can find the LMS Monthly Report for February 2020 here. Please note that the biggest contribution comes from Tecnológico de Monterrey as an addition to Canvas. This school, which has long been on Blackboard Learn, would represent a significant LatAm win for Instructure, but we are researching further to understand if this is a secondary system […]

January 2020 Monthly LMS Market Report

You can find the LMS Monthly Report for January 2020 here. LMS Market Acceleration? The data on the LMS market slowdown are interesting – it is possible we are seeing a real increase in market activity. Both the New Implementations and First See T12M data are showing material upwards trends. Note, however, that we have improved […]

January 2020 LMS Market Update: Teaser on new report, recent coverage

The Year-End 2019 LMS Market report is almost here! We’re finishing up our document and plan to send out within the next week (or two, max). Welcome to our new subscribers, and thank you to all subscribers. LMS Report With our reporting coming out soon, we wanted to share with you some early data for […]

December 2019 Monthly LMS Market Report

You can find the LMS Monthly Report for December 2019 here. The LMS market slowdown has continued, although there is interesting data from First Seen analysis (more of a leading indicator). For T12M First Seen data, there appears to be a pickup in the market after its Sep 2019 low. Obviously we’re not back up at […]

December 2019 LMS Market Update: Instructure Sale, Moodle Conference, D2L Momentum

Well, this has been an interesting season so far for the LMS market. In this month’s newsletter we summarize coverage and updates on Instructure’s announced sale agreement, cover the first annual global Moodle conference, and describe some of D2L’s recent market momentum.  Instructure Sale Agreement and Timeline As most readers are now aware, Instructure announced […]

November 2019 Monthly LMS Market Report

You can find the LMS Monthly Report for November 2019 here. The LMS market slowdown remained at consistent levels as we have seen since early summer. After several months of D2L Brightspace nearly catching Canvas in terms of win rates (# of First Seen data), the Canvas rate edged back up to nearly 75% in T3M. […]

November 2019 LMS Market Update: News from Instructure and Blackboard

There are two pieces of LMS market news that have been made public that we would like to highlight to subscribers. Blackboard Debt Ratings Upgrade Last spring I wrote at e-Literate about Moody’s downgrading Blackboard’s debt rating, and through the summer we (Michael and I) pointed out how this situation could impact Blackboard’s operations. No, that coverage […]

November 2019 LMS Market: Global data on Bb Learn hosting models, OPM notes

In this newsletter we share new data on Blackboard Learn’s hosting models, and we call out some growing overlaps with the OPM market. Blackboard Learn Hosting Models We have new data collection features that allow us to separate out Blackboard Learn by Self-hosting, Managed-hosting, and SaaS-hosting models. We plan to release some information on this […]

October 2019 Monthly LMS Market Report

You can find the LMS Monthly Report for October 2019 here. This was a big month for Canvas for First Seen, as many new clients were disclosed as part of the Q3 earnings call and associated back-and-forth with the company. This put Canvas above D2L Brightspace again in T3M First Seen, but we have recently heard […]