Educational Technology

Over the past several months, we have worked with our partners at LISTedTECH as they ramp up their efforts to collect data on LMS usage in the K-12 market in the United States. This is a massive effort as the market includes more than 130,000 individual public and private schools, and more than 13,600 school districts, according to recent NCES documentation. We are aware of several private data sources with estimates on the K-12 LMS market, but there are no public sources.

Part of the challenge is that the K-12 market is messier than higher education’s and its roughly 7,200 institutions. One reason is that the general IT infrastructure in K-12 is less mature than in higher ed, and for smaller schools there are a lot of ad hoc implementations running on a local server not even in a data center. Another reason is the availability of free options such as Google Classroom, or freemium options such as that offered by Schoology and Canvas for individual faculty.


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