With the release of our mid-year LMS report at the end of July, there has been some useful discussion online about the data, including requests for more information. Some of the comments are in response to the public blog post State of Higher Ed LMS Market for US and Canada: Mid-Year 2021 Edition that was published at the same time. While I will likely release more information publicly through the blog in response, I wanted to first share additional information with subscribers. want to share the data with subscribers ahead of time.

More Market Data by Enrollment

One comment theme is to see more data scaled by enrollment. The dominant method of market share has been based on institution counts, but LMS providers get paid based on school enrollment size, and the institution count data “gives equal weight to the Curtis Institute and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.” The report also shows market data scaled by enrollment for North America and Europe, but we have previously not shared this same metric for other global regions due to not having the same coverage of enrollment-by-institution data. Nevertheless, the chart below shows the market share by enrollment for all five global regions that we cover. Please note that the data have changed somewhat since July 1st when we created the mid-year report graphics.


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