Tomorrow, July 9th at 2:00pm EDT, I’ll join a great cast to discuss Reinvent the University for the Whole Person: Principles Driving Policy, and I hope many of you can watch. The other participants:

  • Randy Bass (Vice Provost for Education and Professor of English at Georgetown University)
  • Martha Kanter (Distinguished Visiting Professor of Higher Education at New York University & former U.S. Under Secretary of Education)
  • Robert Groves (Provost at Georgetown University)
  • Jeffrey Selingo (Author of College (Un)Bound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students)
  • Tia Brown McNair (Senior Director for Student Success at the Association of American Colleges & Universities)
  • Anthony Carnevale (Director of the Center on Education & the Workforce at Georgetown University)


The core idea for the series:


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