Recently The Century Foundation wrote a report targeting the OPM market, which I criticized in “The Century Foundation on Online Education and OPMs: Position paper masquerading as a study”. One of my critiques involved the sloppy definition of product categories.

“If you look at the contracts in the new batch of records released by the report, they are all over the map as described above and often are not directly related to online programs. The LMS category may be a necessary part of the infrastructure for online programs, but at most schools the larger mission is to support traditional face-to-face offerings. The same is true with courseware offerings. And several of the Continuing Education contracts listed have strong face-to-face components. It would have been far better to keep this report focused on the subject – OPMs, OPEs, and perhaps MOOCs and CE / PD companies. Those are the ones that could be argued are relevant to controlling a school’s online courses.”

Well, TCF’s sloppiness is to your benefit, as there are 65 LMS contracts from public institutions that we have linked in this spreadsheet that was adapted from the TCF report.

We have had several premium subscribers asking about LMS contract details such as how they handle price increases within the term of the contract, as well as implementation charges, etc. You can see these contracts obtained under public records request by using the links in the left-most column of the spreadsheet.


The MindWires Team