At MindWires Consulting, we like to solve new problems as organizations learn to effectively use technology to improve education. We want to be the people you call when you have no idea what to do and nobody else does either. We tend to be brought in to address strategic or mission-related questions, like whether and how a university should engage with MOOCs and other distance learning approaches, or how a textbook company can design better digital products for a post-textbook world. With these large, existential questions as the frame, we find specific projects where the client can work through their own answers to these questions on a practical level. Our work is tailored to the specific needs and strengths of each client, which means that no two engagements look exactly the same.

Of course, as we solve these problems with our clients, we often find that these solutions are useful to others as well. We have taken some time to describe the kinds of work that we have done in the past as a way of giving you a starting point for discussing what we can do for you.

But if you want something that’s not on the menu, just ask!

We do work for:


We help colleges, universities, or statewide and regional systems of institutions primarily in North America. We also help K-12 districts.

Education companies

We work with a wide range of educational product and service providers, from textbook companies to technology vendors to online service providers.

Policy makers

We work with national and state policy makers to craft effective legislation as well as effectively communicate with the educational community.

Group events

Just about any topic that we blog about or consult on we can also speak on. We can do keynotes, webinars, workshops, or facilitated group discussion.