Higher Education LMS report

The MindWires LMS market analysis subscription services are designed to help you track the changing landscape in important educational technology topics and make sure that the decisions you make today will still make sense tomorrow. The subscription includes the following:

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Premium LMS Report

When you need more data and advisement on the LMS market.

Most of our investor clients go with a premium subscription which gives you access to customized monthly reports with data that is relevant to your needs. We work with you to determine what those needs are and mutually agree on what we’ll provide. Recently, we have started to parse the data on a monthly basis and can provide trailing twelve-month data to more precisely track what’s going on in the market. We do this globally. As part of the premium subscription, you also get a quarterly one-hour call with a MindWires analyst.

For more information contact Jeanette Wiseman: Jeanette@mindwires.com

K12 LMS and SIS Report

In the first of its kind report, in the fall of 2019, we will be releasing LMS and SIS usage data for the top 500 school districts in the US and Canada.

This report will include the LMS and SIS in use at each of these districts along with analysis from the MindWires team. There will also be a section on procurement practices that demystifies how purchasing decisions are made for K12 districts and what this means for the overall LMS market.

For more information contact Jeanette Wiseman: Jeanette@mindwires.com