World Bank Webinar

April 1, 2020

Phil Hill –
Panel on The Great Pivot Online or Crisis Pedagogy? How to Support Higher Education’s Response to COVID-19.

The closure of college campuses is leading our client countries to scramble for virtual solutions. Some commentators are seeing this as a watershed moment for higher education across the globe: the ‘Great Pivot Online’. While that may be true, it’s not too late to pause and reflect on the best strategy to follow. For one, most students around the world still don’t have easy access to broadband or devices, while many universities and faculty aren’t quite ready to deploy so fast.

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Florida Virtual Campus

February 19, 2020

Phil Hill –
Online Learning: Where did we come from, where are we going?

As online and hybrid education enters its third decade, there are significant efforts to move beyond the virtualization of traditional face-to-face classroom and to also move beyond earlier business models.

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ICBA 2020 Conference

February 5, 2020

Phil Hill
How Did Digital Education Become a Thing? Gradually, then Suddenly

The first e-book was shared over the Internet (or its predecessor ARPAnet) five decades ago, and web-based online learning started approximately 25 years ago. There has been a continuum of changes taking advantage of digital platforms and content, including long-term developments by textbook publishers themselves.

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WCET Webinar

September 26, 2019

Phil Hill – Video Included Below
Navigating the OPM Marketplace: Picking the Right Partners While Avoiding Market Chaos

Online Program Management (OPM) companies have been around for two decades, helping colleges and universities create scalable online programs, in a growing and important market. The OPM market is a chaotic one, however, and it would be a mistake for a school to evaluate the market without understanding the changing vendor landscape and underlying trends.

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