Changing Higher Ed – Drumm McNaughton

October 23, 2022

Last week I attended the WCET annual meeting in Denver – perhaps my favorite conference of the year in terms of quality of conversations and me staying through each session – and I thoroughly enjoyed the general session panel I was on, “Mad Max and OPMs: Changing Markets, Regulations, and Beyond.” The session played off of my Mad Max graphic of the chaotic OPM Market, with Russ Poulin of WCET moderating, Erika Swain of CU Boulder and Carolyn Fast of The Century Foundation as co-panelists.

While I don’t have a recording of that session to share, there was also a podcast episode released last week that touched on many of the same topics. Drumm McNaughton of invited me onto his podcast of the same name, and we had a fun conversation for “Higher Ed OPM Marketplace Transformation.” McNaughton’s practice is working with institutional boards and leadership, and our conversation kept veering into strategy. Institutional strategy much more than OPM vendor strategy, as was also a big theme at WCET. At the end of the episode is a teaser of some upcoming changes to our services at MindWires to better address strategic questions around online education.

Visit the podcast page to listen to the episode and see some extensive show notes or by searching “Changing Higher Ed OPM” or similar on the major podcast platforms. 

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