Over the past few days, there have been three significant developments that indicate the tide is turning on SOPA (and the Senate version, PIPA). As I have written previously, SOPA poses a threat to open education and educational technology in general, while most educational publishers are actively supporting this legislation. At the end of 2011, SOPA appeared to be likely to pass, with strong bipartisan support for the legislation. Since that time, there is a growing backlash, particular from technology companies as well as online communities such as Reddit. This backlash is having a real effect, and as of this weekend,  SOPA may not even make it out of the House Judiciary committee.

1. DNS – Blocking – The first piece of news came out Friday that the DNS-blocking portions of the bill were being stripped. These provisions were viewed by experts to increase security threats to internet addressing, and after initially bypassing experts, congressional sponsors seem to be listening.


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