Educational Technology

While doing research for an upcoming analysis post on Blackboard Learn, I found myself wanting to have a coherent timeline of past e-Literate coverage on the development and adoption of Learn Ultra. The most useful timeline tool seems to be TimelineJS by Knight Lab out of Northwestern University, so I gave it a try. The result of combining article data with this tool is an interactive timeline that allows the reader to browse relevant posts since 2012, showing the date of publication, a linked post title, and a snippet of content. You can click on the timeline navigation at the bottom, or you can browse through the overall story by using the arrows by text or swiping left / right on mobile devices. It might be easier to view this as a full page timeline instead of the embed within this post.

Going through this exercise, I was a little surprised to see the two-year gap in coverage between July 2016 and July 2018.


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