It’s the new year, and I need to clean out my inbox and do actual work this week. What a perfect time to procrastinate and share some year-in-review info for e-Literate. We changed our email service for e-Literate in early April, and for the first time we’re realizing how much of our readership comes from the listserv and from people forwarding the emails (we provide full-text sharing of posts through an RSS feed to MailChimp). We’ll share two lists – the most-viewed e-Literate posts based on website visits, and the most viewed posts based on email opens. Note that the the latter started in April. Note – I have added the year published for the first list and an asterisk for those posts since April 2016 to help with comparisons to Email Listserv rankings.

Top 15 Most-Read Blog Posts – Website

For this list I’m using Google Analytics summary of total page views.


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